Hot Club Dream Camp

An unheralded experience for ensemble training and performances. This summer learn from gypsy jazz impresarios Vinny Raniolo, Olli Soikkeli, Jason Anick and Nicki Parrott in Crested Butte, Colorado. Attend the Hot Club Dream Camp with your existing ensemble or join as an individual guitar, fiddle or bass player and our gurus will place you within an ensemble. The camp will include warm-ups, plenty of jam time, rhythm guitar, improvisation, a specific workshop on the secrets and riffs of Django Reinhardt’s style, participant ensembles, and late-night jam sessions with performers.

The camp includes 5 days of ensemble instruction. Instrument-specific group and individual lessons will also be available during the afternoon sessions. Private individual instrument lessons will be scheduled in 20 minute increments, and open to sign up during the week. Each camper will be provided with a materials packet comprised of 20 standard lead sheets and Dream Camp T-shirt!

  • Includes 5 days of ensemble instruction.
  • Group individual instrument instruction.
  • Private individual instrument instruction (sign up required)
  • 3 lunch gigs in local establishments with your ensemble.
  • Camp Performance featuring a performance from each of the ensembles

Housing & food are not included.

  • Standard Pricing - $800
  • 9:30 am -10:15 am Daily warm ups and repertoire review
  • 10:30 am -11:15 am Q/A sessions with instructors
  • 12:00 pm- 1:00 pm Ensemble Gigs in local establishments
  • 2:00pm - 3:00 pm Ensemble instruction and jamming with instrument specific group and individual lessons available
  • 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Ensemble instruction and jamming with instrument specific group and individual lessons available

*Subject to change

The Dream Camp is a camp for intermediate to advanced instrumentalists who want to focus on ensemble play and practice performing in front of audiences. Individuals or already formed ensembles are welcome. Individuals attending the camp will be placed in ensembles by instructors in advance of the camp.

Each ensemble will be comprised of 3 guitarists, 1 violinist, and a bassist. Spots for each instrument are available as follows: 30 guitar, 10 violin and 10 bass. Bass to be provided by Camp or bring your own electric bass. After all spots by instrument have been filled a wait list will be held for openings.

  • Beginner: New to jazz or struggling to play through songs? This level is perfect for you. We offer beginning classes to get you up and running playing jazz songs. (Prerequisite is knowledge and ability to play a Major 7, a Minor 7th and a Dominant 7th chord)
  • Intermediate: I am able to play 20-50 Songs. I can play through songs but struggle with improvisation or chord substitution.
  • Advanced: I can play over 50 songs. I am able to play through songs and improvise freely through chord changes.
Vinny Raniolo

Vinny Raniolo is best known for his accompanying skills and is a very high demand rhythm guitarist. His dynamic playing has taken him to 14 countries on three continents, and he has performed in some of the world's most illustrious venues. Often featured on National Public Radio in duo with Frank Vignola, Vinny has become a familiar figure on Public Television, featured previously on three popular shows, including the heavily programmed Tommy Emmanuel and Friends. Frank and Vinny's own PBS special, Four Generations of Guitars premieres in the 2014-15 season as part of the forthcoming 13 episode series Music Gone Public. Vinny also has worked with artists like Leon Redbone, Vince Giordano, Deana Martin and Olli Soikkeli as well as on screen appearances on HBO's Boardwalk Empire.

Jason Anick
Jason Anick

One of the youngest instructors at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Anick is considered “a rising star in the world of jazz violin and mandolin” (Downbeat Magazine). In addition to leading his own contemporary jazz ensemble and performing with the Rhythm Future Quartet, Anick has been touring and recording with Grammy award-winning Nashville guitar virtuoso John Jorgenson since 2008 when he was recruited while still a senior at the Hartt Conservatory.

Olli Soikkeli
Olli Soikkeli

Finland’s guitar sensation, Olli Soikkeli will conduct an in-depth Django style workshop including discussion and demonstration of Django’s riffs, expressions and secrets. Learn how Django’s unique style was expressed through vibrato, tremolo and his two-finger horizontal approach.

Nicki Parrot
Nicki Parrott

Born in Newcastle, Australia, Nicki started her musical training at age four with the piano, followed by the flute, soon after. Nicki switched to double bass at the age of 15. After graduating high school she moved to Sydney to study jazz at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music where she began to play with Australian musicians such as Mike Nock, Dale Barlow, Paul Grabowsky, Bernie McGann, and Ten Part Invention.

About The Festival

In its 22nd season, CBMF is a summer music festival that serves the communities on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains. Performances feature a diverse range of genres including symphony, opera, chamber, bluegrass, gypsy jazz, and dance from leading artists throughout the world. A multitude of educational programs provide hands-on experiences for students of all ages and abilities.

About Crested Butte

Host to one of the country’s finest wildflower displays in the summer and a rich tradition of local, unique culture, Crested Butte sits at an elevation of 8,909 feet and is nestled at a confluence of stunning mountain ranges. Access to ample backcountry makes Crested Butte a leading outdoor destination for mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, wildflower viewing, and, in winter, challenging skiing at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

Crested Butte is approximately 30 minutes from Gunnison, 1 ½ hours from Montrose, and just over 4 hours from Denver.