Behind The Scenes Part 3

behind the scenes part 3

The final part of a three part series introducing our newest team member, Victoria.

Parts one and two if you missed either.

Coming around the last curve on the northbound highway, she sees ancient mountains protecting the beautiful valley below. Suddenly it comes into view: a perfectly unique mountain with a crested peak, standing tall against a confluence of ranges.

Victoria walks down the street and sees people laughing together, waving with a smile as they pass one another. There is ease to life and a palpable sense of community she hasn’t experienced in years. Victoria stares towards the heavens, inhales the pure mountain air, and is reminded of home. She turns, hearing distant music. A barefooted child drenched in sunshine colored curls hands her a delicate flower; Victoria experiences an overwhelming sense that all is right in the world.

Like the great aspen forests surrounding the town, deeply intertwined roots connect all of the people here. It is a tribe everyone chooses to be a part of: artists, nomads, bohemians, the freshly arrived, the brief visitors, and the long time locals. The mountains beckon to all of us.

She follows the music up the mountain, soaking in the sweet air and vast vistas punctuated by pops of purple and pink flowers, scattered about everywhere as child would throw toys. She discovers a group of musicians and singers creating together, their music flowing up towards the sky, up to the mountains beyond and down to the valley below. She pauses; closes her eyes, and, feeling the sun on her face, realizes she’s known this place her whole life: Crested Butte. After decades of traveling, she is here now.

It is with open arms that we welcome our newest team member: Victoria, the Mirror Palace, as the Crested Butte Music Festival’s home in Mt. Crested Butte this summer. The Mirror Palace is a temporary, circular structure 80 feet in diameter, also known in Europe as a spiegeltent (“tent with mirrors”). Meticulously handcrafted, full of mirrors and stained glass, spiegeltents were originally used as traveling dance halls in early 20th century Europe. Today, the Mirror Palace fuses old world charm and nostalgia into a modern experience. Join us at the Mirror Palace this summer.

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