Behind The Scenes – Part 2

Victoria Graphic behind the scenes (Part 2)

Part 2 of a three part series introducing our newest team member, Victoria.

Part one can be found here if you missed it.

Victoria is happy. Satisfied with years of joy, dancing and community, she feels content as she reflects on her work: there was the time the famous French chanteuse roused the crowd until dawn; the time her new server spilled wine all over the King of England and he was only mildly annoyed; and the visiting American trumpeter who called everyone on stage to dance with him.

It is spring. The skies open up and it begins to pour rain. It quickly becomes destructive as the grasses grow too long and the river swells, swallowing all in its path. Victoria’s troupe gathers together and mourns the once great chandelier, now shimmering from deep beneath the water. Victoria sees the dancers’ skirts float down the river, washed away – a mere whisper of the past. Just as fast as the rain comes, it sweeps away what little possessions Victoria has left. All she has now is her sister.

Amidst this tragedy, Victoria and her sister say goodbye to their friends, take their few belongings and set out for a new voyage. Together, they see new places and foreign sites: Australia, the Golden Gate Bridge, Barcelona. In each new place, they find a familiar bohemian community and forge new friendships. Eventually, the sisters part ways: Victoria settles in a coastal country and travels the land while her sister departs for continued adventures.

Nearly a decade of dancing, serving, and hosting parties passes. In search of rest and repose, Victoria returns home to her family. She briefly enjoys the simplicities of life: the clean air and the cool waters rejuvenate Victoria.

Refreshed, she sets out on another adventure, this time alone. She finds a city nestled at the foot of a large mountain range. It is full of potential: fast paced, it is bustling and growing. The city is like a rich tapestry woven with everyone’s unique experience. Everyone here is from somewhere else.

But the times are rapidly changing and something isn’t quite right. Everyday, Victoria sees the mountains, standing tall in their ancient power. They call to her – that familiar beckoning – and she goes…

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