CBMF Health and Safety Precautions 2020

In response to Gunnison County’s COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent Public Health Orders, the Crested Butte Music Festival has re-designed our 2020 Festival. First and foremost, our priority is keeping our staff, volunteers, and participants safe and healthy by following guidelines set forth by the Gunnison County Health Department, the Colorado Governor, and the CDC.

Summary of Key Health and Safety Precautions

  • CBMF staff and musicians will conform to multiple health and sanitary protocols.
  • Attendee temperatures will be taken with infrared thermometers.
  • Masks are required for entry and departure. CBMF will provide disposable masks.
  • Beautiful branded bandanas in a variety of colors will also be available for purchase and can be used as a mask.
  • Hand sanitizing stations available to be available throughout every venue.
  • Social distancing of 6-10 feet required, and greater if an artist is singing (approx. 20ft).
  • Limited seating will help ensure social distancing.
  • The flow of air at outdoor events naturally disperses aerosols, greatly reducing potential virus spread.

We have developed a plan and set of procedures to safely operate. We are confident that our staff can adopt practices to provide safe experiences for our Festival community.


  • All staff, and interns will wear face coverings in all situations unless it creates additional health risks. Complimentary face coverings will be available at each event if needed.
  • All staff, intern, and musicians will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19, including taking their temperature daily upon arriving at Festival events.
  • At Festival events, staff will practice social distancing and stay 6 feet apart from each other.
  • At Festival events, musicians will practice social distancing remaining 10 feet away from audience members, and at no time mingle with event attendees.
  • Staff will be required to wash their hands frequently throughout the day and will have access to hand sanitizer.
  • All musicians will be provided with hand sanitizer and will be encouraged to use it frequently.
  • All staff and interns will receive training on enforcing social distancing guidelines during Festival events and will be updated daily of any new protocols as conditions change.
  • All staff, intern and musicians will self-monitor for symptoms for seven (7) days post events and report to Executive Director if they test positive.
  • Musicians will distance themselves a minimum of 20’ from audience members, to reduce the exposure of audience members to viral particles via aerosolization from singing.
  • All shared sound equipment will be disinfected by Artistic staff after each event.

Festival Venues

  • We will be holding all of our July and August programming at outdoor venues for the 2020 Season, unless a change in Public Health orders would allow us to consider indoor performances The two locations will be the Center for the Arts outdoor Courtyard space (606 6th Street), and Mt. Crested Butte’s Wedding Garden (911 Gothic Ave.). These outdoor venues allow both open air and 240 square foot spacing per patron or family pod.
  • The venues for our September and October programming will remain the same, unless a change in Public Health orders would allow us to consider indoor performances.
  • Several performances will be held at large private homes that allow open air and proper spacing. Large private homes will require cleaning/disinfection prior and after any events
  • All homes hosting an event will be cleaned and disinfected before and after the event.
  • Signage at entrance will display safety protocols.

Concert Attendance

  • We will cap the number of people in attendance at 50 people for indoor and outdoor events unless changes to Public Health Orders would allow more people to attend.
  • We are prepared for possible increases and decreases of event sizes as Public Health Orders are continually updated.
  • If Public Health Order allow, we will consider increasing attendance up to the allowed maximum for up to 3 events, one in August and two in September.
  • In 2019, our patrons were 40% second homeowners, 45% local residents and 15% visitors. Most of the visitors were from other regions in Colorado. In general, attendees do not travel from out of state for CBMF performances.

Event Flow

  • Signage at entry and markings on grounds will explain the movement of foot traffic throughout the area, while maintaining social distancing. Attendees will move in one direction entering through one side and exiting events through the other side.
  • Attendees will be required to arrive and depart with a mask on. If a patron arrives without a face covering a disposable mask will be provided.
  • Attendees will have their temperature taken with Infrared Digital Non-Contact Thermometers upon arrival, anyone arriving with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will be turned away and refunded for their ticket purchase.
  • Hand sanitization stations will be prevalent at the entrances and exits of the concerts, restroom area, and artist green rooms.
  • Merchandise will be displayed out of reach and Festival staff will deliver items to customers at time of purchase.
  • The Festival will accept only digital payments, and Festival staff will sign for customers to prevent direct contact between customers and the point of sale system.
  • Staff involved with merchandise will follow Gunnison county retail business sector guidelines.
  • The Festival will use a no-touch digital system to scan tickets upon arrival.
  • Seating will be socially distanced, allocating 240 square feet of spacing per patron or family pod, and will be separated by 8-10’ to allow movement with distancing.
  • All restrooms, touch screens, handles, and high contact areas will be cleaned and disinfected after each concert.
  • Restrooms usage will be limited depending on size of restroom to increase social distancing and reduce contact of people walking in and out.
  • Ventilation will be increased in all buildings as much as possible by:
    • Propping doors open between uses
    • Opening windows
    • Running exhaust fans during events

We recognize the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and will continue to take direction from the Gunnison County Public Health Department and the state of Colorado.