Gypsy Jazz – The perfect medium to meet new people

Music for nomads, people of the road, and bohemians, gypsy jazz is the perfect medium to meet new people and learn new skills, stories and songs. In its second year, the Frank Vignola Guitar Camp provides an exceptional gypsy jazz experience to musicians of all ages and abilities: from the young and novice to the students that never stops learning. Hosted by the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, campers from all over the world convene in Crested Butte for a six days of (nearly) non stop gypsy jazz.

Frank Vignola teaching

Each day, guitarists Frank Vignola, Vinny Raniolo and Olli Soikkeli begin with a question and answer session, spurring discussion that gives valuable insight to the campers. As the day passes, music permeates the thin mountain air and students break out into groups and rotate amongst instructors to learn licks, theory, chords, tunes, improvisational techniques and to simply enjoy making and learning about music together. Into the evening, performances from visiting artists take place at the Mirror Palace, and the campers come out in force to listen. With its warm tones and intricate mirrors, the spiegeltent provides a timeless venue perfect for gypsy jazz. The campers and artists play late into the night, gypsy jazz coursing through them.



True to its origins on the road less traveled, students from all over the world come to Crested Butte for gypsy jazz. Young musicians of the Rocky Mountains learn, together, what it means to jam with more experienced guitarists from Ireland, England and even Hawaii. New friends are born out of familiar music that connects each one of us. You may never know who amongst you is a bohemian, but in Crested Butte, gypsy jazz helps us discover the familiarities we all share.

-Erin Wright
Communications & Development Coordinator