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Singer Songwriter Camp

August 1 - August 6

Singer Songwriter Camp


During an unforgettable week, you’ll receive daily hands-on instruction from inspiring, acclaimed, and experienced professional musicians. You’ll dive into the details of songwriting – poetry, storytelling, chord progressions, and musical character – and learn how to pace a set so that you’ll have your audiences on the edge of their seats. At the end of the week, you’ll be able to share your newly developed skills in a supportive performance.

Singer Songwrtier Camp @ CBMF is a day camp running from August 1 – August 6 from 9:30am – 4:30pm daily. The proposed daily schedule and workshop descriptions are shown below.

9:30am – 11:00am      Songwriting Skills Class I

11:00am – 12:30pm    Songwriting Skills Class II


1:30pm – 3:00pm    Songwriting Skills Class III

3:00pm – 4:30pm    Song Studio

3:00pm – 4:30pm    Youth Songwriting Camp

Wednesday, 6:00pm to 7:30pm  Community Class: Harmony Singing 101


Song Studio
Each day in the Song Studio students will use the techniques covered in the skills classes by applying them to their own work.  Students will receive 1-on-1 instruction from instructors as well as class feedback. as they work through the songwriting process from start to finish.

Youth Songwriter Camp
The Youth Camp provides a fun, dynamic learning environment tailored specifically for young songwriters!

Community Classes
Harmony Singing 101. Have you always wanted to sing harmony but never learned?  Now is your chance!  This workshop will have you singing in four-part harmony with the rest of the class in 90 minutes – no prior musical experience required.  If you like to sing and you can count to seven, this is the class for you!  Bring the whole family! Wednesday, 6:30-8:00pm.

Can’t leave work for all 5 days? Not a problem! Sign up for single days starting at $125 per day.



Grow Your Creativity in Five Steps
They say your mind is a garden, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty of creativity.  In this class, we’ll sow the seeds of our week’s work by studying a widely-used five step creative process.  Let’s see if this ‘General Theory of Creativity’ doesn’t sprout a few new ideas for us.

Cultivate Your Inspiration
Where do ideas come from?  And how do you have more of them?  In this class we’ll dig deep to find out.  Tap into the roots of your inspiration with this collection of writing exercises, word prompts, and other helpful tricks of the trade.  Soon you’ll be hearing songs everywhere you go!

Songwriting Methods:  The Many Ways to Make a Song
So, you’ve got an idea.  Now what?  Lyrics first?  Chords first?  Does how you write change what you write?  Together we’ll explore the many approaches to songwriting, with history and our musical heroes as a guide.

Song Studio, Day One:  Planting Seeds
Building on the first day’s skills classes, students will begin work on their own songs by brainstorming a list of song ideas, titles, and hooks.


Poetics For Songwriters
Nothing improves our songs like a line-by-line edit: carefully choosing every word until each line is reduced to its basic essence…  But what if we learned to write that way from the start?  Here we turn to the art of poetry for a basic toolkit to tune up our songs, so that each line ‘sings well’ and strikes right at the senses.

Story And Song
Not every story begins with ‘once upon a time,’ and not every song begins with ‘a long long time ago…’ but in any creative work, there is always a story to be told.  In this class we’ll explore the relationship between story and song in various musical forms, and how to navigate this in our own writing.

How To Finish A Song
Writing a song is like putting a puzzle together: we’re never quite sure where the next piece is going to fit in, and sometimes, it just won’t go together!  Thankfully, in songwriting also there are strategies we can use to piece in the edges, so that we have a clear picture before we start writing.  Think of this as musical story-boarding for your songs.

Song Studio Day Two:  Germination
On day two, we’ll apply the songwriting techniques covered in “How To Finish A Song” and the two morning classes, to transform our budding song seeds into healthy starts.  Students will create a song map to prepare for their first draft.


How To Write Chord Progressions
A skilled composer mixes sound the same way a master painter mixes color.  But with all those tones to choose from it’s easy to overdo it and with a muddy gray mess.  In this class, we’ll break down music to its primary colors, (the I, IV, and V chords).  Once we’re seeing things clearly, we can start to mix it up and explore the many secondary colors found in music.

How To Write Melodies
The melody is arguably the most important aspect of any song – and keep in mind – songs often contain many melodies: bass lines, riffs, background parts, and even drum parts can deliver important melodic information.  In this class we’ll listen to our favorite melodies and try to figure out what makes them so good.  We’ll also write a melody together!

How To Write Song Forms
Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus… It’s easy to fall into a rut and rely on the same tricks over and over.  Fortunately, music history contains a vast array of musical forms ripe for borrowing and perfect for breaking any pattern you’ve established.

Song Studio Day Three:  Follow the Sun (First Draft)
Now that we’ve charted our course it’s time to turn our creativity loose and follow it wherever it takes us.  Students will work towards a full first draft of their song.


How To Arrange Your Songs
So now your song is ‘finished,’ and it looks great on paper.  What’s next?  Time to prep it for the stage.  In this class we’ll cover arrangement, orchestration, rehearsal, and all the other things it takes to turn a good song into a great song.

How To Back Yourself Up
Get better at performing your songs with this crash course on accompaniment and bandleading.  We’ll cover essential rhythm patterns and how to play them on your instrument.  Ever written out a chord chart?  Also, bring your capos, because we’ll show you how to transpose your songs into different keys to match your vocal range.

Harmony Singing 101
Vocal harmonies are a big part of many musical styles.  In this class we’ll learn how to sing them, and how to write them!

Song Studio Day Four:  Prune Back
On day four, students will get help editing their songs as they work towards a final draft.  We’ll also start arranging and rehearsing.


The Week in Review
We’ll revisit the week’s topics and offer students an opportunity to ask questions about anything we did or did not cover!

Song Studio Day Five
Put the finishing touches on your songs and get ready for the Camp Concert.  Students can perform the song they wrote during the week or any other song.


The Another Brothers (Jack Dwyer, guitar & mandolin and Nathan Royal, guitar) perform original and classic Americana in the tradition of ‘brother harmony’ duets like the Delmore Brothers, the Louvin Brothers, and the Everly Brothers.  Their close harmonies are accompanied by deft picking and thoughtful arrangements, with a repertoire spanning a wide range of styles including old-time bluegrass, country and western, swing, and acoustic blues, and a mixture of classic covers and original compositions.  Jack and Nathan met over a decade ago in Alaska, where they both have roots, and five years later decided to start touring as a duo.  Since then they have pursued a perennial collaboration that has taken them to many places, both geographically and musically.

Singer Songwriter Camp


August 1
August 6
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