Expanding, Inspiring and Fun Experiences for Kids

Music brings people together. It creates essential relationships between all ages and cultures. It is shared by musicians and audiences alike. At once, singular, collective, transformative and superbly human.

People are creating situations every day in their lives to see, feel and experience humanity collectively. Changing and measuring your human experience again and again as you make your way through the world is superbly human.

Here at the music festival, we are #blessed to create situations and experiences that give you a better understanding of yourself. We are striving to open doors through life-changing and inspiring experiences in diverse music performed by outstanding artists.

Who better to open doors for than kids? They are our compatriots in seeking out knowledge and (fun) experiences. Reminding us daily of our humanity and expanding our hearts.

Kids Go Free began in 2016 as an offshoot of a cornerstone of our mission to develop the performers of tomorrow. It puts kids in performances seats (for free!) at every mainstage event during the festival. While CBMF has multiple education and training programs for all ages, Kids Go Free speaks to a broader impact.

More kids means more open doors, more life-changing experiences, and more hearts beating both singularly and collectively. Transforming, bettering the world one heartbeat and one experience at a time. That is something everyone can get into.

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