From the Executive Director

Tent Drop

2016, CBMF’s 20th season, is shaping up to be transformative for the festival. In 2015, CBMF executed over 60 + events in 15 locations across the Gunnison Valley (the most in CBMF’S history). Donor, patron and operational fatigue resulted. CBMF’s staff and board went back to the drawing board to create a more sustainable festival. Following many discussions and creative brainstorming, it was determined that one key factor in fatigue was the diversity of event locations. In order to improve the experience of our donors, patrons, and volunteers a more centralized festival location was needed. Welcome the Mt. Crested Butte Mirror Palace!

The Mt. Crested Butte Mirror Palace, a spiegeltent 80’ in diameter with an occupancy load of 350 and a flexible interior footprint, is CBMF’s method to transformation. Delightful, nostalgic and elegant, spiegeltents are meticulously handcrafted structures originally used as traveling dance halls at the turn of the twentieth century in Europe. Flemish for “tent with mirrors,” spiegeltents feature luxurious amenities such as stained glass windows, velvet ceilings and cozy booths around the perimeter of the inside for elevated seating. Coming to Mt. Crested Butte this summer, after a complete restoration, is The Salon Victoria or Victoria Mirror Palace (VMP). This unique world within a world evokes images of a bygone era and is the perfect setting to enjoy a magical evening of entertainment.

The VMP will transform CBMF from a nomadic 6-week festival to an 8-week festival with a home in the heart of Mt. Crested Butte. Our patrons, artists, staff and logistical team will be able to access the venue and our performances with ease. Two box-offices (at the VMP and at the 4-way stop in Crested Butte) will make buying tickets a breeze. The VMP’s flexible floorplan and tiered seating options allow CBMF to provide a wider variety of pricing to a broader audience. All of these improvements will work together to broaden the demographics of our audiences and reach CBMF’s goal of creating world-class entertainment.

This season’s calendar of performances (June 25 through August 20) has evolved to provide patron convenience. MainStage events (all performances except fundraisers) are hosted in the VMP Thursday’s, Fridays, and Saturdays throughout the season. Once inside the VMP, patrons will find dinner, snacks and a full bar with featured cocktails, wine and beer. We are hard at work crafting an incredible season filled with unique entertainment and wonderful hospitality.

CBMF’s transformation began on Tuesday with the arrival of the tent in 2 shipping containers to Mt. Crested Butte. The full build process will begin June 10 with the tent opening its doors June 16.

This video of another Klessen Family spiegeltent construction will give you a glimpse of the physical scope and detailed logistics entailed in bringing the VMP to life. We look forwarding to sharing our summer with you at one of our many concerts!

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