Crested Butte Music Festival Mission and Vision

To present an annual performing arts festival by outstanding artists. Our diverse offerings inspire and educate audiences, and develop performers of tomorrow.

We envision an intimate, artistically diverse festival that receives significant recognition from in and beyond our valley that is broadly recognized for its excellence.

We value:

  • A broad offering of music performances and events which are inspirational and fun
  • Programs that provide music education and appreciation
  • Enhancing the artistic experience by connecting with our artists culturally and socially
  • Enriching the quality of life and economic vitality in the Gunnison Valley
  • Community collaboration
  • Sound governance and fiscal responsibility
  • Inclusiveness

Crested Butte Music Festival History

The Crested Butte Music Festival (CBMF) was incorporated in 1997 following a series of informal winter concerts beginning in 1995 as a way to enrich the Gunnison Valley community. Formerly known as the Crested Butte Chamber Music Series and the Western Slope Music Festival, the early seasons encompassed one to three weeks of primarily classical music.

In 2000, the festivals merged together to become what is now known as the Crested Butte Music Festival.

Now in its 26th year, CBMF continues to feature distinctive genres such as chamber pieces, contemporary classical works, operas, gypsy jazz, bluegrass classic jazz, and indie rock.

As well as live performances of world-class music, education remains a central component of CBMF’s mission; opportunities in every genre abound during the summer and include camps, interactive musical experiences, masterclasses, lectures and workshops for all ages. Its diverse programming, intimate, high quality performances, and connections fostered between performers, their audiences and supporters distinguish the Crested Butte Music Festival.

CBMF is supported in part by grant funding

Colorado Creative Industries
National Endowment for the Arts

Annual Report + Finances