Legacy Gifts help secure the sustainability and vitality of the Crested Butte Music Festival. Thank you, Sara Fotopolus, for your gracious legacy gift in honor of your mother, Sally Miner. This gift will ensure that Ms. Miner’s legacy of musical education will be preserved and future generations will continue to hone their love of music by attending lectures named in her honor.

Sally Miner experienced great joy in sharing her love of music with others. To that end, she presented educational programs about music that helped listeners to better understand the complexities and beauty of the art form. Ms. Miner was an eloquent speaker whose prose evoked the singular beauty and character of Crested Butte. The Crested Butte Music Festival is preserving Sally Miner’s legacy of music education by re-naming Dr. Erik Christian Peterson’s popular weekly lecture series, Musical Mondays, the Sally Miner Lecture Series.

This Season, Dr. Peterson, Co-Artistic Director of the Crested Butte Music Festival, will explore various aspects of music. Topics range from the history of Jazz, and the Exploration of complex music, to an interactive lecture that will help increase your understanding of music.

These lectures are free and open to the public. We look forward to you joining us!

Sally Miner

Hear Ms. Miner combine both her love of Crested Butte and classical music in this wonderful audio excerpt:

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